31 March 2022

Saint Kotar - The Void Update Now Live

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Marko Tominić Founder | Game - Creative Director | Writer

We are very proud to announce that Saint Kotar: "The Void" update is now live! This massive update contains lots of new cutscenes, completely new endings, new animations, new achievements to unlock and overall many fixes and tweaks! This is a huge update, the biggest we've pushed for Saint Kotar until now.

For people who already finished the game, I urge you to take another look as the game has changed a lot both gameplay and experience wise with this! It will also be the last base game content update, until we launch the DLC, which we'll talk about soon.

Take a look at the details of the update:

  • Added 2 additional endings (making for a total of 4 endings) and tweaked and improved the narrative on the 2 original endings
  • There is now a summary at the end of one ending that has dialog and images that change according to your decision as a player throughout the game, showing you which choices you made during the game influenced the outcome
  • Added 15 new video cutscenes that replaced most of the 'black screens' that were in the game previously
  • Done tons of tweaks and bugs fixes, done in virtually every location in the game
  • Added Additional animations and sounds
  • 3 new Achievements to unlock
  • Done many gameplay design tweaks (example: the long conversations at the beginning of the game can be now shortened, if you choose to do so, without losing the flow of what’s going on in the story)
  • At the end of the game, after coming back from the island-asylum, you can now freely walk through the town and, thus, explore and solve tasks. This wasn't possible before this patch, you couldn't go from the square into the direction of the police station, which prevented you to solve some tasks if you didn't solve them before going to the island.

The work we did with this update was inspired and fueled by the feedback we received from players on Steam and in the Discord server! 

Have fun with The Void!