In today’s other post, among other important things, we mentioned a significant change that occurred in ourstudio - the big name change. Well, here we are again, with two new twists!

First of all, our team got an office. While that might not seem exciting on its own, it made a big difference for us. Until recently all team members worked from their own homes, which proved, on many occasions, to be difficult and stressful. Coordinating activities and cooperating was not impossible, but it was taking too many extra hours and energy.

Having an office now allows us to have all core members of the team at the sameplace. Most importantly, at the same time as well - members who worked only part-time, which were the majority of the studio, have become full-time employees. These two changes alone had a big impact on productivity and the ongoing work on Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask. The studio is finally working as it’s meant to work.

Secondly, the team grew in number. A new person joined the studio to fulfill a position everyone in the team believes to be fundamental to our progress. So, hello, my name’s Vedrana and from now on I’m your new community manager and responsible person for public relation activities of Red Martyr Entertainment. If you want to say hi you can do so on any of our social media accounts. Don’t be shy as I’m eager to get to know all of our beloved community!

Not to leave everything in plain text, we added a few pictures of our small but cozy office. It might not be much, but it's ours and we love it. The future looks bright.