Hear ye, hear ye! Red Martyr Entertainment is looking for a new Knight: a talented artist that creates and animates 3D characters! We only have a limited amount of time to locate him/her, so let's get started with the details.

Motive: Isometric Dark Fantasy RPG (+ Immersive Sim Elements)
Duration: 15 – 18 Months
Location: On-site (Pula, Croatia) or Hybrid or Fully Remote

Ideal Candidate:

  • work on-site (Pula, Croatia)
  • full time during the Duration
  • experienced in sculpting realistic humanoids and animals, and monsters
  • experienced in rigging characters
  • experienced in animating characters
  • at least 1 shipped video game
  • in love with RPGs (bonus: CRPGs, Immersive Sim games)
  • team player

Not Ideal, but still a Good Candidate:

  • work hybrid or fully remote
  • flexible during the Duration (not full time)
  • experienced in sculpting but not rigging and animating, and vice versa
  • team player (yes, everyone must have this)

Interested to Know More? Apply Now:

  • compose an email with a link to your portfolio and CV
  • send it to: careers@redmartyr.com (or simply click the Apply Now button below)

Application Deadline: July 15, 2023

Yours truly,
The Knights of Red Martyr

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